Water-sensing inflatable life vests
Caution for storage

If the vests have gotten wet by the rain, waves, etc. and stored in the bag again,
the moisture-sensing sensor may sense moisture and inflate automatically.

If the vests are stored in a place with a high level of humidity, such as the cabin, storage room, etc.,
the water-sensing sensor may automatically inflate by accumulating water over time.

Store the vests indoors away from high temperature and humidity. When storing the vests in a plastic case, etc.,
it is recommended that they are stored with dehumidifying agents and dehumidification sheets.


    Avoid high temperature and humidity,
    and store them indoors.


    Do not store them in the ship or bags
    in a wet state.


    Store them with dehumidifying sheets
    when storing in a case.

Cautions for the use of waterproof and
Water-repellent sprays Water-sensing inflatable life vests

Do not use waterproof or water-repellent sprays, etc. for the maintenance of the moisture-sensing inflatable life vests.
When the components of waterproof or water-repellent sprays are applied inside the sensor,
the sensor cannot sense water properly. It can be extremely dangerous in the case of falling in the water.

Check the expiration date of the cartridge.

An expiration date is indicated on the cartridge (sensor area) attached to moisture-sensing inflatable life vests.
As the accuracy of the water-sensing sensor deteriorates past the expiration date, it is recommended
that the date is checked and the cartridge is replaced before using the vest.